Solid waste to be disaggregated at source

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Solid waste will be disposed only after disaggregating them at the resource in big cities of the country including Kathmandu Valley.

Speaking at today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, Minister for Urban Development Ram Kumari Jhankri said that though the responsibility of waste management lies with the local government we are now engaged in its management through coordination.

It may be noted that the Council of Ministers has set up a technical center for solid waste management under the chairmanship of the Minister to provide technical assistance in solid waste management at the local level.

Minister Jhankri said that the waste management center constructed by the ministry at Bancharedanda would be operated in a systematic manner and was coordinating to move forward by solving the problems of the locals.

In the past, the government made many agreements with the locals, but due to non-implementation, there have been many difficulties in waste management. It has been stated that roads will be upgraded and dedicated roads will be constructed for waste management.