“I don’t think Messi’s chapter in Barcelona is over”

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Agency – Argentinian star Lionel Messi is once again in the news that he will return to the Catalan club Barcelona. With Barcelona president Joan Laporta saying that Messi’s chapter in Barcelona is over, the discussion of Messi returning to Barcelona has started.

On Sunday morning, Barcelona and Real Madrid faced each other in El Clasico in Las Vegas, USA. In that sequence, Laporta did not miss talking about Messi. He said that everything is over between Barcelona and Messi.

“I don’t think Messi’s chapter in Barcelona is over. It’s our responsibility to keep it open. Everything about Barcelona and Messi is not over yet,” said Laporta.

Barcelona still have something to give to Messi, says Laporta. Laporta said that he has done what he has to do as the club president, but he still has a few days left. He said, “I think we have to give him a few days. Morally, we have done what we have to do when we come to the president of Barcelona. Now I understand that he has a few days to give him personally and as a club president.”

Laporta’s statement points to Messi being brought back by Barcelona in the near future. Messi’s contract with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is only until 2023. From time to time it is also discussed that Messi is not satisfied with PSG. But it is not yet possible to say whether he will stay at PSG or go elsewhere.

Meanwhile, a newspaper called ‘El Nacional’ has claimed that Messi will not return to Barcelona under any circumstances. According to the newspaper, after the stay of PSG, Messi will go to a new destination rather than returning to Barcelona. According to the newspaper, after the end of the contract with PSG, he may move to the American League. The newspaper claims that Messi can move to the American League by extending his stay at PSG for one year.