October 4, 2022

Kathmandu – 46-year-old Kul Prasad Purja of Annapurna Rural Municipality-1 Doba in Kathmandu, Myagdi spent 12 years in Malaysia. As he was unable to earn any additional income from that, apart from the household expenses of the family, he returned to the village and took up animal husbandry.

Purja has given the message that even farmers can join the campaign of social transformation through politics. Purja Nivartaman, who established the Dowaveshi goat rearing farm, is a member of the ward.

Purja, who now spends most of his time in goat rearing, said that he would manage his time and advance the work of the party organization.

He started goat rearing with two young goats, now there are around 60 goats in his farm. Purja has a plan to increase the number of goats to 100 in a year.

Stating that one lakh khasibo was sold in a year, Purja said that there was no shortage of market for the goats and goats produced by the farm and the demand could not be met.

Dowa has also been declared a pocket area for goat rearing. Purja’s grandfather used to keep sheep traditionally. One person has also been given regular employment in the farm.

Local and advanced breeds of goats are reared in the farm. There are three buffaloes in Purja’s farm. He has prepared to rent land in Sunari near Benshi and pay Rs20 thaousands for fish farming and pig farming.

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