October 4, 2022

Agency – Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel is going to be punished by the FA for the dispute he had with Tottenham Hotspur coach Antonio Conte during the match.

Under the English Premier League, the game between Chelsea and Tottenham last Sunday came into discussion more than the result on the field because of the dispute between the two coaches outside the field. Chelsea’s coach Thomas Tuchel and Spurs’ Antonio Conte got into a heated argument during and after the game.

The FA handed Tuchel a one match ban and a £35,000 fine. Similarly, Conte has to pay only 15 thousand pounds. Tuchel’s ban will not apply to this week’s game. Tuchel will remain on the touchline against Leeds as Chelsea will be able to appeal it once the full proceedings are in writing.

In the match with Tottenham, Chelsea took the lead twice but could not register a victory. After Tottenham equalized in the 69th minute of the second half, while Conte was celebrating happily, Tuchel was expressing dissatisfaction with the goal in front of the fourth official. In this process, a situation of misunderstanding was created between the two coaches. The referee gave both of them a yellow card.

Then, when Chelsea took the lead through Rhys James’ goal, Tuchel celebrated by jumping from the front of the Spurs bench and jumping about 50 meters to his supporters. Normally the referee should give a yellow card in this situation but due to the tension of the game the referee did not do so.

During the injury time of the game, when Spurs took a corner, Christian Romero and Mark Cucurella got into a fight inside the penalty area. At this time, Romero pulled Cucurella’s hair, but the referee did not give it. After that, Harry Kane scored in the corner and tied the game 2-2.

After the game was over, the two coaches had another conversation while shaking hands. While shaking hands, officials and coaches of both teams had to come to separate them. Referee Anthony Taylor gave red card to both this time.

Both the coaches did not want to talk openly about this incident in the post match. Tuchel said that this happened during the game, but due to the weakness of the referee, Chelsea was deprived of victory. What happened between us coaches, it was not necessary. But many other things were not necessary during the game. The referee did not give the decision correctly. How can such a mistake happen even when there is a VAR,” said Tuchel.

On the other hand, Conte said that the issue of the coach’s quarrel is not more important than the game. Let’s talk about the game now. Whatever happened between the coaches is over. We added 1 point in today’s game. Last season we failed here. It is better to improve today and add 1 point,” he said.

On Sunday night, Conte satirized the incident on the social network Instagram. Stating that he did not know that Tuchel passed in front of his bench while celebrating the second goal, he posted a video and wrote, “It would have been fun if I had known and fought.”

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