October 4, 2022

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Agency/RSS-  Pradip Giri known as a fearless critique and an intellectual par excellence in the Nepali political spectrum has recently left us.

The socialist thinker was the House of Representatives (HoR) member from his hometown Siraha, representing the Nepali Congress. Born in Bastipur of Siraha in 2006 BS, he succumbed to cancer in his mid-seventies at the Lalitpur-based Mediciti Hospital on August 20, leaving a vacuum in the Nepali politics.

His death sent a ripple in the mainstream of politics, media and in the society at large. Since the news about his passing away, tributes started pouring in not only from home but also from the neighbouring country, India. His ideas, thoughts and philosophy are acceptable even for leaders outside the Nepali Congress to which he belonged. He is revered as a leader with critical thinking, modest personality and politics of convictions.

Leaders from various parties here assessed that with the passing away of Giri, the nation lost a noted politician and a socialist thinker. They say they lost their guardian with the demise of Giri who had his influence for his ideas and thoughts in the international arena as well

CPN (Maoist Centre)’s politburo member and former Minister Umesh Kumar Yadav said the death of leader Giri is a great loss for the country. The demise of a popular leader, an intellectual and a socialist thinker, who had his own legacy and a special identity, is the grave loss for the country, he said. “An epitome of ideology and integrity is now no more among us. His absence will exist for us forever.”

Recalling the significant role Giri had in creating an atmosphere for the then rebelling Maoist to come to the peace process, he asserted that Giri’s ways of living characterized by the simplicity, integrity, high ideological and critical thinking should be established as the benchmark of the Nepali politics.

CPN (Unified Socialist) leader Satya Narayan Yadav feels that with the passing away of leader Giri, we lost a good political trainer, mentor and the person delivering ideas about socialist thinking. “Pradip Dai was the person with immense and incredible knowledge,” said Yadav who preferred to call Giri as his elder brother (dai). “When I would be with him, I would feel I am with a very intellectual mind and would get impressed by his ideas.”

CPN (UML)’s National Council member and Lahan municipality former mayor Muni Sah’s perception about Giri was not different from Yadav. “His intellectual, rationale and philosophical understating were advanced than other his contemporary political leaders.” He said he accepts Giri as an intellectual, rationale and philosophical icon more than the political leader.

“The demise of Pradip Dai is the huge loss to the municipality,” Sah said, adding that the late leader had been providing new ideas and advice for the development of the municipality.

District Vice-Chairperson of Janata Samajbadi Party, Rakesh Roshan Gupta, shared, “Leader Giri had significant contribution to make Madhes movement successful. He had been playing important role in the issue of Madhes and the cause of the Madhesi people even putting forth his views in the parliament and writing different articles. His contribution is unforgettable.”

Likewise, District In-charge of Democratic Socialist Party, Rakesh Jha, mentioned that Giri was not only a leader, but also a source of knowledge of socialist thoughts.

He said, “Leader Giri was a socialist thinker and an intellectual. He used to impart orientation to leaders of all political parties about socialism. Many leaders used to learn about socialism from leader Giri.”

Master’s Degree holder in economics and philosophy from India, leader Giri had joined politics at the age of 18 being inspired from his father Mitra Lal Giri. He was elected as a member of the House of Representatives from Siraha constituency 1 in 2074 BS as well as lawmaker under proportional category in 2064 BS and 2070 BS.

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