October 4, 2022

Agency – Catalan club Barcelona is now worried about Antoine Griezmann. According to Spanish newspaper Diario Sport, Barcelona are worried about Griezmann, who is on loan at Atletico Madrid.

Griezmann has been at Atletico on loan since last season. According to the agreement between Barcelona and Atlético, he will stay at Atlético for two years. According to Diario Sport, Barcelona is worried about the fact that Griezmann is not getting much chance to play in Atlético.

Griezmann will return to Barcelona if he doesn’t get the chance to play for Atletico. When Griezmann was brought in on loan, it was agreed between Atlético and Barcelona that if Griezmann played more than half of the games, Atlético would have to buy him. Griezmann played more than half the games Atletico owe Barcelona 40 million euros.

But he is not getting much opportunity in the ongoing season. In such a situation, Barcelona is worried that he will not be a part of Barcelona. Barcelona’s attention has also focused on the fact that Atletico did not give a chance to return Griezmann.

Barcelona brought in world-winning Frenchman Antoine Griezmann in 2019. At that time, Barcelona spent 120 million euros. But after coming to Barcelona, ​​Griezmann did not perform as expected. He scored 33 goals and provided 14 assists in 101 games for Barcelona before returning to Atletico Madrid.

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