October 4, 2022

Corrections Policy

lekhpatra.com always ensures the delivery of accurate and also specific info, however human mistakes might in some cases be evident in what we release. For this, we have an effective improvements policy. We make every effort to react in a quick way to the corrections needed in the errors made by us. We make sure that we fix the mistake as soon as it is given our notice. This is performed with the single function of precise details transmission to our visitors.

Upgrading a Record

Whenever we make any kind of significant modifications in any one of the write-ups, we ensure that we put notes on the write-up if essential, to notify the visitors that the story has been updated. It is our leading purpose to serve our readers, and for this reason we make it a method to offer them the necessary explanation by fixing the mistakes in our articles.


If, possibly, we are required to make an adjustment in any article, inscription or heading, we not only do that as soon as possible however also publish a modification describing the requirement for the said change, if find it necessary.


Often it so occurs that the journalists have actually undertaken their job appropriately and have brought all the right accurate information, yet the language utilized to provide the realities has been uncertain. In such case, we make certain that the language is reworded as well as dealt with.

Editor’s Notes

In situation of an article that is factually and also fairly wrong and also needs the Editor’s emphasis, makes certain that the Editor supplies a note to the readers discussing the concern correctly as well as fixing the mistake.

Take-down Requests

If any kind of write-up or topic is unreliable, we ensure its speedy improvement after checking out the issue. When we make use of openly available personal information of any type of private, we may review take-down demands of the entailed person if he is under threat of physical damage as a result of the existence of such news .