For the first time in football history that a white card has been shown in the middle of a match. In the women’s derby match between Portugal’s Benfica and Sporting Lisbon, the referee showed a ‘white card’ for the first time.

Since 1970, FIFA has implemented the rule of showing a yellow or red card in any football game in case of violation of the rules or a foul. If any foul is of a higher level than usual and could change the situation of the game, the player who committed the action will be shown a yellow card.

A yellow card means the player’s first official warning. If any player receives a second yellow card, the card will turn red and the player must leave the field immediately.

On the other hand, in the middle of the game, if a foul or action interferes with the outcome of the game or is very critical, the player will be given a straight red card. Recently, FIFA has implemented a rule that not only the players but also the coach can be shown a red or yellow card.

But many may not know about the white card. It may not be a new thing that many people do not know about this as it is the first time such an act has happened in football.

A person felt ill at the end of the first half of a women’s cup match in Portugal on Saturday. In this case, the referee showed a white card to the two medical personnel who rushed to provide medical assistance to the fans who were sick in the stands, recognizing their ‘sportsmanship’.

The JOE report said the white card was designed to honor clubs that display fair play during matches to improve moral values in any game.

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