Agency – In the Premier League, Manchester United has come forward as a powerful team in the league after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo. With Cristiano Ronaldo on the bench, United looked even stronger after his departure.

United have moved closer to a title since Ronaldo left. United are through to the Carabao Cup final. United will face Newcastle in the final.

Similarly, United has entered the Premier League title race. With continuous wins in the Premier League, United entered the Premier League title race.

After the World Cup, United played 7 games in the Premier League. In which he has won 5 matches while losing one match. Similarly, United played a draw in one match.

If we talk about the entire Premier League season, United have lost only 5 games this season. United have won 13 of 21 matches this season and tied 3 matches.

Arsenal are just 8 points ahead of United at the top. However, Arsenal have played one game less than United. United are just three points adrift of second place.

With City losing a few games and United winning consistently, United will easily climb into second place. Similarly, Arsenal also recently suffered their second defeat of the season. If Arsenal can’t get out of that defeat, United can take advantage of it.