Agency – Saudi Arabian club Al Nasser is likely to be without a title in the current season. The possibility of Al Nasr being without the title has increased with the exit from another competition.

Last night Al Nasr faced Al Wehda in the King’s Cup of Champions. Even when Al Wehda was reduced to 10 players, Al Nasr could not win. Al Nasser could not score goals even when attacking with constant control of the ball.

Despite Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo being on pitch for full time, Al Nasr failed to win. Al Nasr were ruled out of another title-winning campaign after failing to score against Al Wehda.

Al Nasr has been out of competitions like Riyadh Super Cup and Saudi Super Cup this season, and it seems that Al Nasr will have a hard time winning the title in the Saudi Pro League.

Al Nasr is currently in second place in the Saudi Pro League. While playing 24 matches of the season, Al Nasr has won 16 matches and lost 3 matches in the domestic league. Al Nasr with 53 points is 3 points behind the top placed Al Ittihad.

But Al Ittihad played one game less than Al Nasr. In the ongoing season of the Saudi Pro League, Al Nasser has 6 matches to play and Al Ittihad has 7 matches to play.

After playing one more game, falling behind by 3 points, the title of Saudi Pro League seems far from the hands of Al Nasr. For Al Nasser to win the Saudi Pro League, Al Ittihad will have to lose few games, or stopped at draw. Not only that, Al Nasr will have to win all the remaining matches.