Agency – Premier League is going to witness epic battle fight tonight. Manchester City and Arsenal are going to fight for the title of the current season of the Premier League. Tonight, City and Arsenal go head-to-head at City’s home ground.

Arsenal are currently at the top of the Premier League. Arsenal have won 23 games while playing 32 games of the season and lost 3 games. Similarly, Arsenal has drawn in 6 matches. Arsenal have collected 75 points from 32 games of the season.

City, who have played 2 games less than Arsenal, have collected 70 points so far. City, meanwhile, have won 22 matches and lost 4 matches. Similarly, City have been tied in 4 matches.

In today’s match, both teams will enter the field with the stake of winning. A win tonight will move them closer to the Premier League title. Since the start of the season, Arsenal have been occupying the top spot in the Premier League.

But now club’s hold on the top spot has been shattered. Arsenal have been in trouble for the last three games. Arsenal have lost 6 points after being tied in 3 games.

Arsenal have won just 2 of their last 5 matches. Meanwhile, City is continuously winning in the Premier League. City have won five of their last five Premier League games.

City and Arsenal last met in February. City won 3-1 at Arsenal’s home ground. Arsenal may have an opportunity to avenge that defeat today.

Arsenal will be in contention for the Premier League title only if they win against City today. Otherwise, Arsenal will have to rely on City’s results to win the Premier League.