Agency – Real Madrid and Manchester City faced each other in the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals last night. Two of the best teams faced off each other at Real’s home ground. Both teams put pressure on each other and tried to win. But none of the teams could win.

Real took the lead in the first half, City equalized in the second half. City had more control of the ball throughout the game. But the attack was more on behalf of Real. City had 56 percent control of the ball. City has a total of 10 shots . Of that 6 were on target. Real had a total of 13 shots throughout the game. Four shots were on target.

City put Real under full pressure in the first half, and City were doing well in the opening stages of the second half. But towards the end of the game, Real managed to perform well. Vinicius scored for Real. He performed highly for Real throughout the game.

In the 36th minute of the game, he scored a great goal and gave Real the lead. In the counter attack, Eduardo Camavinga forwarded the ball and Vinicius managed to turn it into a goal. His shot from outside the penalty area was converted into a goal. His powerful shot from 20 yards away was not saved by the City goalkeeper.

While Vinicius excelled, City’s young star Erling Haaland was overshadowed. Haaland couldn’t work his magic against Real. In front of the defenders of Real, he felt nothing. Real’s defenders managed to keep him under control throughout the game. Halland had only 21 touch throughout the game.