Agency – Real Madrid faced Manchester City in the first leg of the semi-finals of the Champions League. Real drew 1-1 with City in the home match. In the first half, Brazilian young star Vinicius Junior managed to take the lead, but Real could not keep the lead until the end of the game.

City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne scored for City. With the match ending in a tie, the team entering the final will be decided from the second leg. The second leg will be at City’s home ground. Real’s veteran midfielder Luka Modric was not satisfied with the result of the match.

According to Modric, Real could have produced a better result than they did on Tuesday night. Speaking to reporters after the match, Modric said that they will enter the second leg with the same confidence as before. He was optimistic that Real would win the second leg.

“We could have had a better result. But we will enter the second leg with the same confidence and optimism. We can win there. The game is open and both teams have chances. We were confident that nothing will be decided tonight,” Modric said. said

Throughout the match between Real Madrid and City, City had more control of the ball. City had 56 percent control of the ball. A total of 10 shots were on behalf of City. 6 of which were on target. Real had a total of 13 shots throughout the game. 4 of that were on target.