Agency – The decision of Paris Saint Germain (PSG) to suspend Argentine star Lionel Messi for two weeks has been criticized. Former Arsenal and Manchester City star Samir Nasri has openly criticized PSG’s decision to suspend Messi.

During an interview, Nasri said that PSG acted stupidly by suspending Messi for two weeks. While talking to Canal Plus, Nasri questioned what message PSG was trying to send by suspending him for the first two weeks.

Some time back, Messi travelled to Saudi Arabia without the permission of the club. At that time, Messi even published the pictures through social networks. After that PSG was irritated and took disciplinary action against Messi. PSG had suspended Messi for two weeks.

Messi later publicly apologized. In a video released on social media, Messi apologized to the club and his colleagues for his actions. Five days after the incident, PSG lifted Messi’s suspension.

Former Premier League star Nasri criticized PSG over the move. With the move of PSG, Nasri indicated that it is certain that Messi will not stay at PSG. He said that now either Messi will return to Barcelona, or he will go to Saudi Arabia.

“The Paris ban against Messi was a stupid idea. What message are PSG trying to send by first suspending him for two weeks and lifting the suspension five days later? Now he either goes to Barcelona and ends his beautiful story, or he goes to Saudi Arabia with tons of money. It’s 400 million euros a year anyway.”