Agency – The British top league, Premier League, is currently moving towards its conclusion. The Premier League has seen intense competition for the title, top four, top six and relegation. Manchester City and Arsenal are fighting for the Premier League title.

Manchester City is at the top of the Premier League and Arsenal is at the second place. City are one point ahead of Arsenal. Having played one less game, City have got a one-point lead. City have won 26 matches while playing 34 matches of the season and lost 4 matches. City have 82 points .

On the other hand, Arsenal have played one more game than City. Arsenal have won 25 matches and lost 4 matches in 34 matches. Arsenal have 81 points. Both City and Arsenal are under pressure. To win Premier League title both need to win all games.

Similarly, there is intense competition in the Premier League for the top four. Newcastle United, Manchester United, Liverpool and Brighton are currently in the race for the top four of the Premier League. Newcastle and Manchester United have lost in the last matches and the race for the top four has opened.

Newcastle are in a somewhat comfortable position to finish in the top four, but United are under pressure. United are in a difficult situation due to two successive defeats. However, if they win all the remaining games of the season, no one will stop United from qualifying for the Champions League by finishing in the top four.

But United could drop out of the top four if they lose even one game. Liverpool, which is in the fifth place, have made a good comeback and won 6 games in a row. United have collected 63 points in 34 games with 19 wins and 9 losses. Having played 35 games, Liverpool have collected 62 points including 18 wins, 9 losses and 8 draws.

Liverpool need to win their remaining three games of the season to finish in the top four. Liverpool will not enter the top four because of this, Newcastle and United, who have four games left to play, will have to lose at least one game or draw.