Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez has announced he will leave the club if the team is not at a competitive level. During a conversation, Xavi said that if Barcelona’s team is not at a competitive level, then he will leave the club.

Speaking after being eliminated from the Copa del Rey, he straightly gone to say that he may leave the team leave if the team is not at a competitive level by the end of the season.

According to him, Barcelona is the top club and the club has to win the title. Xavi admitted that the coach’s position would be in jeopardy failing to win the title.

“If at the end of the season we are not at a competitive level… I have to leave. I know where I am, it’s a top club. You need to win the title in Barcelona or you will be at risk. ” Xavi said.

Xavi also said Barcelona has high-quality young playesr. He said “I am confident that the project here has high potential with top young players. “